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Once more the lack of Self-Love (3)

I attended a young man whose theme of regression was also about his lack of self-love.

The year was 1860, in Scotland, and he was a man who found himself limited by others, his family, wanting to expand his world, but never leaving the place. At the same time he felt insecure to throw himself into the unknown. He watched the family, but from afar, as if he were a prisoner of that situation. His world was restricted and he wanted more, but in that life he didn't do what he really wanted, he never saw an opportunity for that.

His life was very isolated in that incarnation, with little contact with other people, because few people inhabited those fields and thus he felt restricted throughout his life.

Today, his feelings were similar about relationships, as if to be in a relationship it was necessary to annul himself, having to completely give up his time and dedication to his personal interests, to give himself totally to others, as if one thing excluded the other, as if your personal freedom would always be confronted with being in a relationship.

By resignifying the incarnation, we brought possibilities for that personality to travel the world, to find what he liked to do, without excluding his family, but bringing them together, so that he no longer felt divided between what he wanted to do and people he loved.

And then his world expanded in the past life. He settled in a bubbling city right in the middle of a trade route, meeting the most varied people, knowing much more about the world, and most importantly having everything he loved at his side - his new profession, his family, new friends and much more novelty in your life.

In the end, the personality felt free, having the opportunities and the strength to modify his reality, being able to have everything he wanted, not having to sacrifice an important part of his life to have something else important.

And this sensation, this feeling that was internalized in his present life, leading the message to the unconscious that to love does not mean having to choose one or the other, to love is also to launch oneself to have a full life, in all its potential.

What about you? Do you feel that you lack self-love? Make an appointment, investigate, know yourself and go beyond the limitations of the subconscious mind.

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