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About Self-love 2

A 27-year-old woman came to see me and she told me she did not feel comfortable being alone, as if everyone judged her for being in a public place by herself, such as a food court, a mall, or a public event. I could tell that she didn't feel well in her our presence. We made a regression by emotion and then came a situation of her present life, so a mental reprogramming was done in order for her to feel good with her own company.

Even in her childhood, in the images that appeared, she saw an isolated child, whom no one called to play and that saddened her. She was the only child of older parents, so there was greater protection as a girl, but that was not all.

There, watching the other children play, she reported that no one wanted to include her in the games, that the others were cruel to isolate her, until she saw what she did as a child and had forgotten. She mocked the others, beat them, but in the end she felt alone.

To reconstruct this situation, we brought the adult to play with the child, to show her love, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive, to show the person she would become when she grew up, for the child to feel good about herself and to act differently with others.

In the end she went to the other children's side with a totally different attitude, and from that moment on she was fine with who she was in her childhood. She could have self-love again. As a result for the adult, there was no longer the uncomfortable feeling of being alone in public places, because she was always accompanied by a loving and beloved person: herself.

The presence of self-love makes us like ourselves, especially making us say no to what does not do us good, makes us give to ourselves without feeling guilty. Because as important as loving our neighbor is loving yourself as we can only give what we have. If we do not have love for ourselves, how can we have true love (here I say unconditional) also for the other? Without self-love, the love offered to others ends up being conditioned to their recognition at some point, however much it seems that we love without asking anything in return, because if this love is despised, scorned, not given due value, it can generate resentments and sorrows.

Being connected with unconditional love becomes even more achievable when one already receives this kind of love from oneself, of the divine spark that dwells in each one of us.

Even if there is no limit to receive unconditional love, nor limitation of sources, yet when one receives this love from oneself, from the inner God that dwells within each of us, without a doubt, it strengthens and facilitates the path of self-knowledge and evolution, as a person and a spiritual being.

What about you? Do you feel that you lack self-love? Mark a session, investigate, know yourself.

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