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Parts Work Inner Father and Mother

In just 2 sessions internally rebuild your relationship with your parents to something healthy

What is Parts Work?

Partwork is a technique derived from the IFS (Internal Family System), created by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, systemic and family constellation therapist and academic.


He noticed that his patients described various parts within themselves, parts of the individual's personality, with some parts having protective and/or protégé roles. When these parts felt safe and allowed to relax, his clients spontaneously displayed qualities such as trust, receptivity, compassion, and this state was called by Dr. Richard as the Self.


Being in this state, clients would know how to heal their parts. 

Inner parents Parts Work aims at getting into the parents's copies held in people's subconscious mind, also parts of their personalities.


These versions of the parents were created and internalized in the first contacts and interactions (or their absence) with the biological parents, as simulations of the parents' behavior so that their actions would not hurt the child so much and later on the adult.


The idea behind doing inner father and mother Parts Work is to REBUILD these versions of the parents in the subconscious mind, so that they are well resolved versions, that pass security, understanding, acceptance and strength, that is, restoring the flow of unconditional love (element of systemic/family constellation) in your paternal and maternal line, providing the strength behinf what really is the feminine and masculine energies that are part of each one of us. 

What is Parts Work
Internal Father and Mother?

Our parents are our first relationships

Relationships are our daily experience. And the first relationships we experience are with our parents (or their absence). The feeling of security, confidence, welcome and belonging initially comes from these first impressions that we have in life or not. When we don't have it, we feel:

That's why it's important to work internally on the versions we create of them - which reflect what we perceive from our interactions throughout life - to experience SAFETY, TRUST, BELONGING and LOVE as we should have received from well-resolved parents, as well as they should have received from their parents.

So, when performing Inner Parent Parts Work in 2 sessions, one for the father and one for the mother, we are looking for you to be at peace internally with your parents, gaining tranquility, confidence and security to live life from a position of self-healing.

Initial talk/

In this first conversation, I listen to you and explain about Parts Work and what to expect. This is the time to vent out and bring as many details as possible, so that you can start the therapeutic care knowing what to expect.

2 Inner Father and Mother Parts Work Sessions

Here are the therapeutic sessions themselves. For each session I reserve 1:30 h, also for understanding the session. It is an intense process of knowing, forgiving and releasing negative emotions associated with the relationship with your parents, actually coming to peace with them internally. 

Parts Work Inner Father and Mother

✔️Professional Secrecy

✔️ Service without judgments

✔️ Initial listening for understanding  

✔️2 Therapeutic Sessions with 1:30 h each

✔️ Video Call Service on Zoom

✔️ Fully online or in person in João Pessoa/PB

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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About Lis

Lis Maia is first and foremost someone who always wanted justice in the world. Ever since she began to understand herself as a person,

she has always wanted each person in the world to receive the necessary help, without suffering, without pain, without authoritarianism.

Graduated in Law at UFPB in 2013, took a Master's Degree in Economic Law at UFPB in 2015, then Post-Graduated in Consensual Means of Conflict Resolution at UEPB/ESMA in 2018. 

Her interest in problem solving also turned inwards. In 2015, she had contact with Quantum Therapy, more specifically Past Life Regression Therapy, and her quality as a therapist naturally appeared as an instrument of personal development, both on her own issues and also in conducting other people's self-healing processes.

So, in a process of a lot of internal work, she began to assume herself as a Quantum Therapist from 2016 onwards and bringing her work to the world, with face-to-face sessions in Brazil (many on the internet as well) and online in England, Switzerland, Germany, in Portuguese and /or English.


In the middle of this path, she came into contact with Parts Work and applies it together with her own technique, called "Liberation Technique", a milestone in her professional life for breaking disharmonious, painful and limiting patterns and beliefs.


Working with the inner parents is crazy, it was like talking to my actual dad, saying everything i can't say to him in my normal life


Dear Lis, thank you for helping me resolve my biggest conflicts. With his help and with his technique, I was able to overcome difficulties, transforming a cyclical and bad energy into forgiveness and understanding.


Healing the relationships with my family is an area of life I value. My mother and I have worked together to improve painful and outdated ways of relating to each other. Lis and I worked through deeper parts using the Parts method. In working with Lis I felt a deep and profound shift within myself and how I see my Mom. This method gets right to the core. Lis has a gentle and grounded presence. She is very confident and knowledgeable in this field. I felt comfortable to be guided and I felt safe to allow my feelings to be present. She is excellent to work with in this space. I highly recommend to work with her if you are looking for profound healing and deeper internal shifts 


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