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Quantum Therapies

As a final step in the process of recognition and decision-making in search of self-healing, there are plenty of therapeutic instruments used to work on self-development.


Understand a little more about treatments with the Liberation of limiting emotions and beliefs


Understand a little more about hypnosis, to resignify and release the traumas present in the unconscious 

Multidão de pessoas

Parts Work

Understand better what it is and how Parts work actually happens

Imagem aérea da praia

Systemic Constellation

Understand a little more about what a systemic constellation is and how it works

frascos de cosméticos

Quantum Frequency Flowers

Understand what it is and how quantum frequency florals work, their indications for use and what you can expect with the treatment.

Biblioteca Residencial

Other Integrative Techniques

We also work with astrology, Reiki, Building Perfect Relationships, among others.

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