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About Us

Born in João Pessoa, PB, Brazil, on December 9, 1989, in the morning, Lis Maia is above all someone who has always wanted Justice in the world. Since she has understood herself as a person she has always wished for each person in the world to receive help to the extent of their need, without suffering, without pain, without authoritarianism.


For having this value in her essence since the very beginning, she studied Law, seeking to be an instrument in Brazil for the realization of Justice. She completed her Graduation and even did a Master's on it, but in the middle of the way she faced an existential crisis: the model of Justice that was well outlined was not enough, in her point of view, to give each one what is their need to the extent of their necessity.


In this crisis, she had contact with Quantum Therapy, but specifically Past Life Therapy, and naturally her quality as a therapist, as a developing instrument, flowed both from her own issues and also in the conduct of other people's self-healing processes.


So, in a process of a lot of internal work, she started being a Quantum Therapist since 2016 and bringing her work to the world, with presential services in Brazil (many through the internet too) and online in England, Switzerland, Germany, in Portuguese and/or English.


In the midst of this journey, she created the Liberation Technique, a milestone in her life for breaking disharmonious, painful and limiting patterns, applying her own technique both in isolation and in Past Life Regression and Emotional Regression sessions, in addition to using it as an auxiliary tool in cases of energy cleansing.


Another good thing that came from this internal need for integration between Justice and Self-Development was the Specialization in Consensual Means of Conflict Resolution, the combination of the two values, and the courses that came from her formation in Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration.


So, Lis Maia is taking her steps towards what she always wanted: Justice. Understanding, furthermore, that true Justice goes through Resolution, internal and external, of conflicts, because only then is it possible to first have the empathy to understand what is due to each one, what are their needs (both our own needs, often denied by ourselves, as well as those of others).

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