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Lis Maia

Quantum Therapist

Every development process begins with the acknowledgment of the problem, after accepting its existence, so that it's possible to work around the issue. Therefore it's necessary to ACKNOWLEDGE the origins of such issues, deeply investigating in the unconscious mind the emotional baggage that presents itself every time that a similar situation (to the original one) appears, creating a chain of emotions, sensations and thoughts associated with the trauma and its expression in the present. 

The mean I discovered in order to  to have this WISDOM was the regression, be it by emotion or past life, as it's a effective and straight method to get in touch with memories and past information kept in our subconscious that present themselves as problems now. But it isn't enough to merely know the origin of such questions, it's necessary to change them.

I got in touch with Past Life Therapy with Resignification (the first of the quantum therapies) in the year of 2015, with the therapist Érico Tadeu. From then on my life changed. That initial contact with all those other "Mes" - sufferers, hurt, in need of rescue - and the changes witnessed by resignfying their stories (my own stories) took me by surprise. It was amazing how with a little bit of dedication of my time, being conducted by a experienced professional, it was possible to deal  with trauma and behaviors present in my subconscious that affected me a lot. 

I watched myself after each session, noticing how my feelings had changed in situations that I used to think of as chalenging that were becoming easier to deal with, as for example my idea of being worthy or deserving of good things in my life.  

I had a huge scar in this issue as my past-life personality had done things, chased people and the guilt for those actions was always in the back of my unconscious mind, driving me to believe that even though I put a lot of effort to achieve a goal, the fact that I didn't get what I wanted was almost like "justice". For what I didn't know, until the moment in which I got in touch with my past life memory and what made me feel unworthy and then I resignified the memory, releasing myself from that pattern and liberating my quantum energetic field, recalibrating the quantum field to live coherent situations with the sense of worthiness that I had retaken as my own.


And, in 2016, when I had the opportunity to do the course on Past Life Regressions with the therapist Érico Tadeu, I learnt how to apply his technique: Time Slit Technique. It consists in a mild hypnotic induction by relaxation, just enough to have access to past lives memories in the unconcious mind, investigating what factors created the blockages in that life so that, by resignifying the memory, undo the blockage by altering the memory, releasing the conscience. When there's a resignification of the memory, the quantum field that resounded with that blockage changes its vibration and, as the unconscious mind is atemporal, it brings to the curent life the sensation obtained by solving the original problem.

Then I started my clinical practice with those knowledges, but I didn't stop there. In 2017 I did the Clinical and Practical Hypnosis Course with Guilherme Alves, from the Hipnose Institute, preparing myself to have clinical practive also with deep hypnosis, unlike the mild hypnosis that I've learnt with the therapist Érico Tadeu.

It was during those times leading a regression process that the idea of the Liberation Technique came to me - the techinique can be done separately from any kind of regression, without the need of a complex process of hypnosis, deep or mild, because it's a technique applied with concepts similar to NPL (neurolinguistical programming). The Liberation Techinique consists in condensing the corresponding energy of an emotion or situation (that is stored in one  of your energetic center, also known as chackras) and release it into the Earth, as a bigger energetic body.  

By practicing the Liberation Technique, in regressions or isolatedly, I noticed an even bigger progress in the healing procces of old wounds in the subconscious mind. All the energy associated with the traumas that were worked on was acknowledged, recognized, accepted as in it existed, and then released, so that it could be finally possible to be detached from the sensations, behaviors and reactions associated with them. The only  remaining reminder of its existence were the initial thoughts from a liberated chain of negative thoughts, that had as a base all of those emotions and sensations stored in the unconscious mind, and that's why it's so important to associate the quantum therapy with regular psychology - because it's necessary to treat the conscious mind too, so the effects of this freedom turn as fast as it is necessary in empowerment, just empowerment. I recommend to have the assitance of a psychologist in order to have a complete approach of the issue. 

Also, to release an emotion doesn't mean you get to be "bulletproofed" (to be made of bulletproof material) against those feelings. No, it's just that the emotion gets to be proportional to the situation experienced. For example, when you feel anger you get to feel angry in the same amount of the actual situation that caused your anger, you don't react based on all the "luggage" your unconscious mind has because you threw the luggage throught the window. So the feeling gets easier to be dealt with.  

All this set of techiniques and instruments have enabled me, as a person and as a professional, to progress in the path of self-healing and self-knowledge, and that's what I have to offer to all the people I have assisted and intend to assist in the future, being very grateful for being there for them in their own process of self-healing and breakdown of limiting patterns. 

And that's the assistance I have to offer to you: the opportunity to give a great (quantum) jump in your lives, releasing dense feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, resentment, and giving room to experience more love, happiness, joy, compassion, calmness, peace of mind and spirit, all that you all deserve as human beings in contact with your inner truth. 

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