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Quantum Reprogramming

The situations we experience are directly related to what we attract to experience . And what we attract, in turn, is directly linked to our physical, emotional and spiritual state. As long as the attention (here including the conscious mind and the unconscious mind) is fixed on a point of experimentation, our life will reflect the challenges and benefits that are consistent with this observation, so when you are going through painful situations or if this was the reality more present in your life, it is necessary to understand first of all that due to a series of factors this has been your point of attraction and only by transmuting, reprogramming the conscious and unconscious mind, will it be possible to have better, more loving, self-confidence experiences. and empowerment.  

Quantum Reprogramming is exactly letting go of the pain stored in the unconscious to modify and reconfigure your energy, so that it is compatible with experiences full of happiness.


For this, it is necessary  recognize ( WISDOM ) that there was a pain, from then on release (POWER)  this emotional charge, to be free to experience the best in the present ( LOVE ). 

How is it possible to do a Quantum Reprogramming?

Quantum Reprogramming occurs when the content of the mind is modified, realigning the quantum field of experimentation. For this, it is necessary to work mainly with the unconscious mind, which stores most of the information and beliefs, associating it with changes in habits consciously.

For working with the unconscious, the main techniques we work with are:

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