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Liberation Technique

By Lis Maia

     What if the best way to deal with our emotions is to recognize them and release the energy attributed to each emotion? In simple terms we're energy. What is solid is only a denser state of energy. The same thing applies to emotions, thoughs and such. In our brain a emotion is a set of electrical impulses to which the brain translates in our bodies also by electrical impulses. So, we have the POWER to modify our own reality by transmuting our energy.

     Having in mind that most of our emotions and reactions are an expression of what is kept in our subconscious, which means the intensity of a feeling comes from all the previous experiences we have had because our subconscious is timeless and it isn't capable of distinguishing when something happened many years, months, days, hours, minutes or seconds ago, then a really effective approach to deal with whatever is stored in the subconscious is to release it in form of energy.

     The main idea is to liberate such energy (that is everything accumulated in our subconcious mind and that is also connected with one of the energetic centers of our body, mostly known as chakras) in a mass body bigger than ours: the Earth.

     Of course that's the simplified version of what this Liberation Technic consists of, which is a NLP practice to condense the energy corresponding to a certain emotion or even a situation (that is stored in one of the energy centers in our bodies) and release it on the Earth.

     This energy is directly related to a set of emotions kept in our subconscious, so when someone releases it they're letting go of whatever was accumulated in their subconscious throughout their lives, experiencing from then on what could be better described as a "void" of the previous intensity of said emotion - especially because of that the liberation HAS to be associated with psychotherapeutic care as the subconscious is free but our conscious mind is most likely to keep its old habits, even if there isn't a deeper reason to it, a need, being like empty words and forced thoughts instead of automatic ones.

     It's such a simple thing that theoretically anyone could do it, but in order for it to actually work there are some steps that should be observed and also a certain state of energetic vibration, otherwise the energy associated with the emotion WON'T be fully liberated.

     Interested? Let's talk about it, allow yourself to be free, contact us!

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